appears in The Academy and The Reunion.

Ninon is a Master Trainer, and her specialty is pleasure slaves. She is deeply respected by her peers. She trained Chandra and trained Chris Parker to "flatter" as well as other arts of pleasure.

Personal Description: She was in her fifties, maybe even her sixties, it was hard to guess. Her smooth, olive toned skin was faintly glowing in health, that kind of color you got when you lived in a warm place. Her hair was a rich, lush black, touched lightly with silvery white, making you guess at her age, mocking you with the possibilities. She had large, bold dark eyes and a body that Americans would describe as heavy, but . . . she seemed as tempting as Venus freshly come from the waves, as stunning as an Italian movie actress, as inviting as a warm embrace. Ninon lives on Mykanos, and has a cordial relationship with Moises del Cipriano, the Trainer of Trainers in her area.

Ninon is one of the few who has read Chris’ paper, The Eroticism of Despair. She joins him in a hot tub at The Academy and later at the infamous Academy breakfast. After the vote at The Academy, Ninon becomes President of The RegentsAngelique wants to train with Ninon as part of the bargain being struck between her, Philip Harrington, and Tetsuo SakaiChris Parker is the broker for the arrangement.