Michael LaGuardia Edit

Michael Xavier LaGuardia appears in The TrainerThe AcademyThe Reunion and The Inheritor.

Introduced to the Marketplace by his Uncle Niall, an Owner of two slaves, Ethan and Jerry, Michael begins training with Geoff Negel. While in training, he attends an event at Rothmere and learns that Geoff is not well respected. He also meets Grendel Elliot at an event in San Francisco. He attempts to train Karen to bad effect.

Michael is accepted for training by Imala Anderson and acts as her junior trainer while working with Tara and Joan. He meets Owner Emil and Marketplace slave Greta while training with Anderson. He manages to have sex with every slave in Anderson’s household, including Tara, Joan and Lorens. Eventually, Michael ends up being trained under Chris Parker using the difficult “classic” manner of training, and is aroused by Chris’ touch and, at times, his humiliation. Michael is moved from Anderson’s house to the Long Island Training House owned by Grendel Elliot and Alexandra Selador in the mid 1990’s.

Michael never completes his training; he marries Claire Cameron, a member of a Marketplace family, and names his first son Christopher. Chris Parker is the child's godfather.

During The ReunionNigel Pepper tracks Michael down and attempts to have him confirm the existence of The Marketplace. Later, Michael hires Nigel to host a talk show.

Personal Description: Italian father, Irish mother, giving him tanned skin a mop of black hair and blue eyes "ice blue of sapphires, ringed with black." Raised in Los Angeles, BA in communications from Berkeley, 26 years old at the time of The Trainer. As well as having an active sex life, Michael enjoys getting his toes sucked.

Timeline of Significant Events

1967 born and christened Michael Xavier LaGuardia  1985 goes to college (Berkeley)  1990 introduced to The Marketplace by Uncle Niall and meets Ethan and Jerry  1991 begins training with Geoff Negel  1992 continues training with Geoff, attends event at Rothmere Castle  1992 attempts to train Karen on his own to terrible effect  1993 begins training with Imala Anderson  1993 begins apprenticeship under Chris Parker, attends The Academy in Okinawa  1994 marries Claire Cameron Oct 25  1995 has a son, named Christopher LaGuardia Aug 21