Eric Parese Edit

appears in The Slave and The Trainer and mentioned briefly in the story The Nurse in The Academy

Eric first appears in The Slave when he and his lover, Jimmy Appleton, purchase Robin at the New York “fall auction.” Eric lives in Topanga Canyon and is a professional model (including International Male) and collects art. He has modeled with Lamont. With his lover, he co-owns Raul, Jeff, and Steve (Muscledog), but does not co-own Carl.

Eric and Jimmy sometimes throw part that mix Marketplace and non-Marketplace people; Marketplace guests have included Monica, the Panskis (Eve and Tom), Roberto Vasques and his lover Lamont, and the unnamed Owner of Brian Cohen; non-Marketplace guests include April, who is a friend of Monica and is served by Robin. Eric also has a run-in with Chris Parker.

Personal Description: Bright blue eyes. "Wavy two-toned hair was expertly cut so that it fell across a distinguished forehead, a square jaw set off a firm but sensual mouth. He was about 6'2" slender and graceful." He loves to have his feet licked.